Biovéd 2005 Kft develops and manufactures biological products harmless to humans and the environment, using microscopic fungi.

Our aim when founding Biovéd was to meet the demand, phrased both nationally and internationally, as well as to face the challenge of harmonising sustainable profitability and the use of efficient biological products in agricultural pant production processes.

The main purpose of founding Biovéd was to establish the framework of the practical application of the results of biological control research in Hungary. Our development activities broke new grounds in Hungarian agriculture. We had KONI, the first biological fungicide developed and produced in Hungary licensed in 1997. It is a proven product against the fungal pathogen white mould.

We have developed several biological control and fertilising products. Their use efficiently reduces crop damage and boost the tolerance of plants in a natural way.

We are committed to biological control. We are researchers, but for us, the publication of results is not enough! By selling our formulated active agents and state-of-the-art know-how, we promote the penetration of biological control, to provide for a liveable future.


BIOVÉD A Hungarian family business established in 1996.


1997 The licensing of the first Hungarian biological fungicide (KONI)


In the past 8 years, 17 microbial fertilising products were developed by us. We have 3 own product licences in Hungary, Austria and France.


Since 2012, we have been supplying a French fertiliser producer with microbial active agents


Since 2013, we have been supplying the second largest artificial fertiliser and crop protection chemical distributor of Poland with a microbial fertiliser.


Since 2016, we have been the contracted manufacturer of a Spanish Trichoderma based biological fungicide.


In 2017, we started the commercial production of bacterial products.


Since 2018, we have been selling microbial raw materials for purposes other than agricultural uses.


By now, BIOVÉD have become the contracted manufacturer of about 10 Hungarian microbial products.